A Team of Two (Give or Take)

May 16, 2007 at 3:20 am Leave a comment

One solo PR pro + one talented designer = one outstanding boutique communications agency.

When Amy and I decided to work together on a more “regular” basis (and not regular as in we remembered to take our fiber…), we figured we needed a cool name. That’s the foundation of any good business, right?

What did we have to offer that other boutique agencies didn’t? We were young (21 and 27 at the time). We had lots of enthusiasm. We were fun to work with.

Thanks to thesaurus.com, we found Verve.

If you’re trying to find a name for your business, you can’t have Verve, it’s taken! But here are some synonyms:

So that was five years ago. In that time we’ve worked with a huge variety of organizations in nearly every imaginable industry. Well, that may be an exaggeration. But we’ve done a lot of cool stuff.

Right now we’re joined by Michelle Pera, account executive and Marisa Olson, intern extraordinaire.

We just wanted to give a little introduction. But this blog isn’t going to be a “yay, Verve!” blog (most of the time), but a way for use to share our experiences, some insights and tips. We’ve also got some fun stuff to talk about. So stay tuned!


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I Love the Smell of Commerce in the Morning

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