Because You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression

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The visual identity of your company defines your essence. It is the first thing your client absorbs and the image that stays with them. A consistent visual image must reflect personality, values, and ambitions to accurately represent your company. A strong visual identity is fundamental, here’s why:

A strong visual identity highlights and reinforces your company mission. An aesthetic image integrated with key messages will attract clients and keep them focused on the company message behind the image.

Your visual identity sets you apart from your competition. It makes your company different from all others and should reflect your unique qualities and marketing strategies to make the right impression on your audience.

A great example is the FedEx logo, in a world of browns and yellows, FedEx adds a bit of playfulness. And when you’re “in the know,” the logo and the company are even more memorable. Notice anything?

A strong visual image makes your company memorable and recognizable. As your signature, it gives you a presence and allows your company to literally ‘make its mark’ in today’s competitive market.

Back in the day Swatch watches were “the” thing to have. Even though the logo hasn’t changed since its heyday in the late 80s/early 90s, the Swiss design behind the Swatch logo makes the design timeless. Gen X’ers will always have a special connection with Swatch and I’d say the logo is a big part of that.

A visual image must be a consistent brand for company materials. It serves as a reference and signature on all marketing materials including business cards, websites, newsletters, e-mails, advertisements and letters. A consistent visual image strengthens and unites your key message throughout all mediums.

The market place is constantly in flux and visual identity must adapt. Changes in your company message must lead to changes in your visual image in order for your company to stay modern and unified to strengthen the bonds with your audience.

You can chronicle the history of a company like Pepsi through its logos.

And today, the soft drink has a new millennium look:

What do you think? What companies or organizations have a good (or bad) visual identity?

– Amy Miller


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