Using SEO to Your Benefit

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4858570_ea23a259a1_m.jpgSearch. Engine. Optimization. Three words that can make or break your company’s online search engine results.

Wikipedia defines SEO as “the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a web site from search engines via search results.” This is important because the higher a site is listed in the search results the more searchers will visit that site.

The best description I could find of how Google works is here:

“Google indexes pages on the Web by using what are commonly known as “spiders”, ‘crawlers,’ or ‘robots.’ Google’s famous search engine spider, GoogleBot, uses links on web pages as a sort of freeway. It travels from site to site by following links. When Google finds a new web page, Google will “crawl” the code on the page and transport it back to its datacenter.”

The Web Developer’s Journal has these and other tips to help optimize your company’s search engine results:

1. Fine tune the TITLE tag to increase traffic to the site. Make sure it includes keywords that potential visitors will be search for on engines like Google.
2. Create gateway pages that are specific to the focus of each site.
3. Ensure that your web site technology won’t confuse the search engines.
4. Search the search engines to see where your web site is listed.
5. Learn more about how search engines work.

To get started and submit your web site to Google, go here.


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