The Great Technological Divide

November 5, 2007 at 7:24 pm Leave a comment

    images-1.jpgOne of the most easily spotted differences between Millennials and other generations is the way they use technology to make decisions.

    Millennials are the first generation to be weaned on computers. While Gen-Xers aren’t necessarily far behind, computer skills were something they acquired later in life.

    iMedia Connection’s Jim Meskauskas wrote that “What makes Gen Y people different is the way they are consuming media. Not only are teens spending more time with the Internet than TV, but that they also use the Internet as the hub of their media activity. The Internet is the medium from which all other media decisions get made, and that’s a powerful tool for marketers.”

    Growing up bombarded by media and messages nearly 24 hours a day has made Millennials wise to slick ads and commercial messages. Many companies are now approaching Millennials to make them part of an experience – not just sell them a product.

    Coca-Cola created a presence in SecondLife, a popular online community, where teens and other users can hang out, chat, and create customizable Coke vending machines. This encourages participation and allows users to have a voice in how the company markets its product to them.

    As today’s teens and young adults age, brands that are well-established with Baby Boomers will need to change how they communicate with customers in order to capture the next wave of potential clients.



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